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Mini Ice Cream Cone Holder 12 Slot Retail Display Stand

Regular price $12.99

12 Slot Clear Acrylic Mini Ice Cream Cone Holder Retail Display Stand

Product Features:

  • Overall Dimensions: 6.75"W x 7"D x 2.75"H
  • Each hole measures 1" in diameter
  • Holds 12 mini ice cream cones and other cone desserts
  • BPA Free
  • Proudly made with premium high quality acrylic

mini ice cream cone holder is a perfect addition to any caterer or restaurant!  acrylic cone stands are great for featuring ice cream in restaurants, cafeterias, ice cream parlors, and kitchens. Each display is made for countertops and has multiple slots for delicious treats. The tabletop cone stands are fabricated from premium high quality acrylic which makes your desserts stand out in restaurants and cafés. 

Why use these frozen treat displays?  Restaurants and candy shops often feature their confectioneries where everyone can see them, enticing customers to buy. Use these see-through plexiglass stands to put frozen treats where everyone can see them. 

Each lucite riser with holes has 1" diameter slots that can hold a number of cone sizes as well as topping trays. The displays make it easy for customers to see available flavors and immediately make a purchase. 

After a long day of dripping treats, the holders are cleaned with a simple wipe down with warm soapy water.

*All sizes are approximate

*Props not included

*Tolerances: Thickness +/- 10%

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Olivia Calhoun

The Mini Ice Cream Cone Holder 12 Slot Retail Display Stand has become an invaluable asset in my ice cream shop. The stand's durable construction and well-thought-out design make it the perfect solution for showcasing the wide array of ice cream cones that I offer. Its ability to hold 12 cones in an organized and visually appealing manner has not only impressed my customers but has also increased the efficiency of serving and replenishing the cones. I highly recommend this display stand to any fellow ice cream shop owner looking to improve their product presentation and customer experience.

Blake Wade

As a small business owner, I am always looking for ways to display my products in an attractive and organized manner. The Mini Ice Cream Cone Holder 12 Slot Retail Display Stand is the perfect solution for showcasing my delicious ice cream cones. The quality of the stand is top-notch, and it has added a professional touch to my store. Customers are now able to easily see and access the different flavors, making their decision-making process a breeze. I highly recommend this display stand for any retail business looking to elevate their product presentation.

Lucas Fields

The Mini Ice Cream Cone Holder 12 Slot Retail Display Stand is a game-changer for my party planning business. Not only is the stand durable and well-made, but it also adds a touch of elegance to any event. The sleek design and compact size make it easy to transport and set up at various venues. My clients have been impressed with the presentation of the ice cream cones, and I have received numerous compliments on the stand. I can confidently say that this display stand has become an essential tool in my business.

Maya Zimmer

Not what I want

Emily Zuniga

I recently incorporated the Mini Ice Cream Cone Holder 12 Slot Retail Display Stand into my home kitchen, and it has quickly become an essential tool for serving and organizing ice cream cones. The stand is not only functional and well-made but also adds a decorative element to my countertop. Its compact size and ability to hold 12 cones make it perfect for family gatherings and entertaining guests. The versatility of the stand allows for easy customization, and its sturdy construction gives me confidence in its long-term durability. I highly recommend this display stand for anyone looking to add flair to their dessert presentation at home.

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