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SKU: 751403

Three-Tiered 14" Bowl Floor Display

Regular price $112.50

Bowl Floor Displays are the perfect solution to display a variety of products. The bowls are available in a variety of sizes and are made of highly durable polycarbonate. The design of crystal clear transparent bowls allow the customer to easily see the items inside. Bowl Displays are ideal for keeping products neat and accessible to the customer! The metal base is strong and durable for high traffic areas. Place these bowl displays right by the cash wrap at the customer's eye level to increase impulse buys. Dividers can be added to organize and display a variety of different products. Add branding or graphic to the bowl display using the T-Strip on top of the display.

Sold in Multiples of: 1
Material: Polycarbonate
Bowl Measurement: 14" Diameter
Number of Bowls: 3
Overall Height: 60"
Color: Clear
Base Measurement: 17"W x 17"D
T-Strip Sign Holder: Included with display

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Charlotte Bryan

The Three-Tiered 14" Bowl Floor Display has transformed the way I showcase my jewelry at art shows. The sleek design and interchangeable bowls make it easy to create a captivating display that draws customers in. The quality construction and competitive pricing made it an easy choice for enhancing my booth and increasing my sales. This display has become an invaluable tool for my business, and I can't imagine presenting my products without it.

James Zhu

I recently invested in the Three-Tiered 14" Bowl Floor Display for my bakery, and it has become an integral part of our branding. The sleek, professional design complements our store aesthetic and showcases our products beautifully. Customers have even commented on how the display adds to the overall experience of visiting our shop. This display has not only elevated our product presentation but has also become a part of our brand identity.

Arianna Krause

The Three-Tiered 14" Bowl Floor Display arrived at my doorstep in impeccable packaging. The attention to detail in the packaging design not only protected the product during transit but also reflected the high quality of the display inside. The thoughtfulness of the packaging was a pleasant surprise and spoke volumes about the overall care and craftsmanship put into this product. I was thoroughly impressed from the moment I opened the box.

William Young

The Three-Tiered 14" Bowl Floor Display has revolutionized the way I present products at my farmers' market stall. The interchangeable bowls make it easy to switch up my display based on what's in season, and the durable construction ensures that the display can withstand the elements. It's a fantastic way to attract customers and showcase my goods in an organized, visually appealing manner. This display has truly upped my game at the market.

Sydney Velez

arrived broken

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