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8" Bowl Display with Curved Metal Arm for Pegboard/Slatwall

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curved arm bowl displays are very versatile and will turn your wall into a beautifully organized space to display any item. The kit includes a clear plastic bowl measuring 8" diameter with the 4" depth and curved metal arm. This display can be used on pegboard or slatwall. The sleek metal design hugs the bowl and keeps it close to the wall. They are the perfect solution for displaying an assortment of products, keeping them neat and accessible to your customer.Great for merchandising toys, balls, squishies, travel items, candy, cosmetics, hand sanitizer, or anything else you need to display. Great alternative to the mundane dump bin. Add bowl dividers to create multiple compartments and display different products. Add a sign clip or T-Sign holder for graphics and branding. Create an eye-catching display feature wall by adding more bowls to the wall, that is sure to capture your customer's attention. The bowl and metal arm are highly durable and sturdy. The design of transparent bowls grabs the customers' attention, being able to see all the products inside. The bowls are made of polycarbonate and are made in the USA. Polycarbonate is a shatter-proof and extremely strong material. Ideal to place in retail stores, gift shops, C-stores, offices, community centers, museums, airports, schools, hospitals, lobbies and so much more! Create a great merchandising wall display with these bowl displays!Bowls are available in 5 sizes: 8", 10", 12," 14", and 16" diameter. Check out all 5 sizes. Sold in Multiples of 1.

Sold in Multiples of: 1
Bowl Material: Polycarbonate
Bowl Arm Material: Powder coated Metal
Bowl Measurement: 8" Diameter
Bowl Depth: 4"
Use: Pegboard and Slatwall
Color: Clear Bowl / Silver Metal arm

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Blake Krause

The 8" Bowl Display with Curved Metal Arm for Pegboard/Slatwall has become an essential part of my store's branding. Its sleek design and functionality perfectly align with the aesthetic I'm trying to convey to my customers. It's a subtle yet impactful element that sets my store apart from the competition. I've received numerous compliments on the display, and it has definitely helped to elevate the overall branding of my business. Highly recommended!

Amelia York

Not what I want

Grace Mcgowan

The packaging of the 8" Bowl Display with Curved Metal Arm for Pegboard/Slatwall was impressive. It arrived in perfect condition, and the attention to detail in the packaging was evident. It's clear that this company takes pride in their products and wants to ensure that they arrive in the best possible condition. As a customer, I greatly appreciate that extra level of care and consideration.

William Bruce

The 8" Bowl Display with Curved Metal Arm for Pegboard/Slatwall has been a fantastic addition to our store's display options. Not only is it durable and easy to install, but the sleek and modern design has really helped to enhance the overall look and feel of our showroom. The price point is unbeatable, and the versatility of the display makes it a great investment for any business looking to stand out. Highly recommend!

Emily Eaton

I recently purchased the 8" Bowl Display with Curved Metal Arm for Pegboard/Slatwall and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. The price point is amazing for the quality you receive. The durability and strength of the metal arm make it a great investment for any business. I've shopped around and haven't found a better deal for a product of this caliber. It's a no-brainer!

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