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Small Organizer Storage Tote Bin with Handle 9"W x 6"D x 4"H, 4-Pack

Regular price $18.00

Displays sleek multi-purpose tote bins are perfect for any organization project or point of purchase sale. The crystal clear plastic allows for easy viewing of contents inside.The transparency of these deluxe storage bins complement any surrounding.The wide angled opening allows for ease of use making items accessible. These quality bins are durable and functional with two slotted side handles as an added bonus. Carry and move your items and valuables to different locations with ease. Use in your office to organize drawers, craft room, kitchen pantry, closet, stock room, school, or anywhere you want a clutter-free and organized space. Danoni's deluxe bins can also be used as a merchandising solution for loose products near the cash wrap or for impulse buysin boutiques, museums, trade shows, at an event, or retail store.Sold in Packs of 4. Available in 4 different sizes.

Sold in Packs of: 4
Material: Styrene
Measurem"W x 6"D x 4"H
Color: Clear

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Savannah Zavala

The branding of these small organizer storage tote bins really stood out to me. The company's commitment to quality and practicality is evident in the design and construction of the bins, and it reflects positively on the brand as a whole. The logo is sleek and modern, and it adds a touch of professionalism to the product. I appreciate the attention to detail in the branding, and it has made me a loyal customer.

Isabella Campbell

These small organizer storage tote bins are a must-have for anyone looking to declutter their workspace. The compact size and sturdy construction make them perfect for organizing office supplies, and the 4-pack is a great value for the price. I have found them to be incredibly versatile and useful, and I plan on purchasing more for other areas of my home. Whether you need to tidy up your desk or corral your craft supplies, these storage bins are a great solution.

Sophia Zimmerman

As a busy mom, I am always in need of ways to keep my kids' toys organized. These small organizer storage tote bins have been a lifesaver. The durable construction means they can handle the rough and tumble play of my kids, and the handle makes it easy for them to move the bins around on their own. The 4-pack is perfect for sorting toys by type, and the compact size means they can fit neatly on their shelves. I highly recommend these storage bins for any parent looking to tame the toy chaos.

Lincoln Smith

The customer support for these small organizer storage tote bins was top-notch. I had a few questions about the product before making my purchase, and the company's customer service team was incredibly helpful and responsive. They went above and beyond to ensure that my order was processed quickly and that I was satisfied with my purchase. I was truly impressed with their dedication to customer satisfaction, and it has made me a loyal customer.

William Chapman

arrived broken

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