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SKU: 515330

Clear Acrylic Riser Pedestal Display 2"W x 2"D x 2"H, 4-Pack

Regular price $8.80

Displays clear acrylic riser is great for showcasing merchandise in a store, showroom, or tradeshow in a neat and organized way. The Pedestal Displays are excellent at maximizing the amount of product that can be displayed in a small area like trade show booths, boutiques, and store counters. Acrylic risers are elegant and versatile giving them the ability to be used in many different settings. Caterers can use them to set up the buffets, desserts or food service areas at weddings, corporate events, parties and holiday gatherings. The acrylic riser displays can also be used in offices to elevate computers, organize desks, and showcase pictures. These pedestal riser displays are also great for organizing and styling inside the home. The clear acrylic riser displays match any decor and are perfect for all your organizing and styling needs. Purchase different sizes to create an appealing visual displaying product at different heights. Use these in any retail environment or home or office setting. A in 11 sizes. Sold in packs of 4.

Sold in Packs of: 4
Material: Acrylic
Material Thickness: .100"
Measurement: 2"W x 2"D x 2"H
Color: Clear

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Savannah Short

I was pleasantly surprised by the exceptional customer support provided by the company behind the Clear Acrylic Riser Pedestal Display 2"W x 2"D x 2"H, 4-Pack. When I had a question about the product, their team was quick to respond with helpful information. It's always a pleasure to encounter such attentive and knowledgeable customer service. This positive experience has only reinforced my satisfaction with the product itself.

Audrey Kramer

one of them is broken

Eva Krause

As an avid collector of action figures and small sculptures, I am always in need of high-quality display stands to showcase my collection. The Clear Acrylic Riser Pedestal Display 2"W x 2"D x 2"H, 4-Pack is perfect for this purpose. The sturdy acrylic material ensures that my items are securely displayed while adding a modern touch to my shelves. I highly recommend these display risers to any collector looking to elevate the presentation of their prized possessions.

Patrick Zhu

The Clear Acrylic Riser Pedestal Display 2"W x 2"D x 2"H, 4-Pack has made a significant difference in my retail store. Not only are these risers durable and well-made, but they also elevate the look of our products, making them more appealing to customers. The clear design allows the focus to remain on the merchandise, while the sturdy construction gives us the peace of mind that our items are displayed safely. A great investment for any retail space.

Oliver Yates

The Clear Acrylic Riser Pedestal Display 2"W x 2"D x 2"H, 4-Pack offers exceptional quality at a competitive price point. As someone who is mindful of their budget, I was thrilled to find such a well-made product that didn't break the bank. The value for the cost is undeniable, and I would highly recommend these risers to anyone looking for an affordable yet durable display solution.

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