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Displays 225899-KIT Adjustable Divider Bin Cosmetic Tray - Customize Slot Size to Product with Sliding Dividers, Gravity Feed Hangs 104 Degrees from the Wall, Clear, 2-Pack

Regular price $45.00

Displays Adjustable Divider Bin Cosmetic Tray Kit with Sliding Dividers takes the guessing game out of building your own display. This cosmetic shelf is gravity fed sitting at a 104 degree angle off the wall. The kit includes all of the necessary components to create your adjustable tray and customize the slot size between each product. Each kit includes 10 sliding dividers to make up to 12 rows of product, 6 rows on each Tray. Compartment size will depend on your specific needs, you can customize to the size of your product. Simply slide in the dividers to the exact size of your product and add the bullnose C-Channel attachment on the front for your graphic, brand name, color swatches or product title. The Bullnose flips up to allow for UPC information under the graphic. It's that easy, now you are ready to start selling! This kit also includes 4 U-hooks that hang onto a pegboard and most slat walls giving plenty of flexibility to how and where this product can be used. The two 12" wide x 12" deep trays interlock so you can connect multiple trays together creating a linear wall of trays giving the appearance of a long and cohesive looking shelf. The tray bin can sit on a counter as well. Overall Measurement of one Tray: 12"W x 12"D x 3.5"H. The inner dimension of the tray is 10.5" Deep. Sliding Divider Measures: 10.5" Deeps x 1.75" high. This retail display tray kit is the right choice for merchandising nail polishes, lip gloss, mascara, essential oil droppers, hand sanitizers, cosmetic assortments, boxed products, and more! Sold in Multiplesof: 1 Material: High Impact Polystyrene Overall Measurement of One Tray: 12"W x 12"D x 3.5"H. Inner Dimension of the Tray: 10.5" deep. Overall Measurment of the Sliding Divider: 10.5" Deep x 1.75" high. Color:Clear Positioning: Gravity Fed Slanted, sits on a 104 degree angle. Includes: This kit includes 2 Clear polystyrene trays 12" wide x 12" deep, 10 Clear Sliding Dividers, 2 Bullnose Graphic C-channel holders, and 4 U hooks for hanging on Peg or Slatwall. This Set will give you enough parts to make 2 Trays with up to 6 Compartments (Slots) on each tray.

Customer Reviews

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Benjamin Zuniga

one of them is broken

Isla Thompson

I have to commend the customer support provided by the manufacturer of this divider bin cosmetic tray. When I reached out with a question about the product, I received a prompt and helpful response. The company's dedication to customer satisfaction is truly commendable, and it gives me confidence in the quality of their products.

Brayden Zhu

This adjustable divider bin cosmetic tray is a game-changer for organizing products in my store. The customizable slot size and sliding dividers allow me to effectively display various cosmetics, making them easily accessible to my customers. The gravity feed design also ensures that products are displayed at the perfect angle. I highly recommend this tray to any store owner looking to efficiently showcase their cosmetic products.


The quality of this adjustable divider bin cosmetic tray is unmatched. The sturdy construction and clear material make it a reliable solution for organizing cosmetics. The sliding dividers are easy to adjust, and the gravity feed design ensures that products are always within reach. The attention to detail in the manufacturing of this tray is apparent, and I am thoroughly impressed with its quality.

Stella Zuniga

I recently came across this adjustable divider bin cosmetic tray and was blown away by its competitive pricing. For the quality and functionality it offers, the price point is unbeatable. The clear material, sliding dividers, and gravity feed design make this tray a steal. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a cost-effective solution to organize their cosmetics.

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