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SKU: 179964-100

23.5" x 31.5" Hanging Adjustable Cashier Shield, Plexiglass Protective Panel, Splash Guard, 0.100" thick Acrylic Protective Barrier -Vertical/Horizontal, 2-Pack

Regular price $94.00

This CLEAR hanging adjustable acrylic shield with rounded corners provides protection against sneezes, coughs and germs between employees and customers. Ideal for supermarkets, pharmacies, hospitals, stores, banks, airports, and reception desks. Or use anywhere there is a need to limit contact with third parties. Hang from the ceiling with included hanging hardware, and the chain is adjustable to your specific height needs. Can be hung Vertical or Horizontal Orientation. This plastic shield is an optimal solution to be used as a protective cashier screen, Plexiglass panel, sneeze guard, cash wrap protector, germ barrier. Protect your employees from sneezes, coughs, and germs. Former Item#179904. .

Sold in Packs of: 2
Material: 0.100" Thick CLEAR Acrylic
Overall Measurement: 23.5" x 31.5"
Hole Diameter: 0.375"
Includes: Hanging Hardware Included- chain length 7 feet
Color: Clear

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Ava Johnson

I recently purchased this Hanging Adjustable Cashier Shield for personal use at my small business, and I am very happy with the product. The 0.100" thick acrylic protective panel offers a sense of security for both my customers and employees. The shields were easy to set up and fit seamlessly into my store layout. A great investment for peace of mind.

Leah Whitfield

I was initially skeptical about the usability of this Hanging Adjustable Cashier Shield in my store, but after setting it up, I was pleasantly surprised. The flexible design allowed me to easily position the shields in both vertical and horizontal layouts, accommodating different areas of my store. The clear plexiglass also doesn't obstruct the view and provides the safety my business needs.

Isabella Zavala

The Hanging Adjustable Cashier Shields are a game-changer for my store. The competitive pricing, coupled with the high-quality material and innovative design, make this product a must-have for any business. The usability, customer support, packaging, and branding all contribute to the overall satisfaction with this purchase. I highly recommend these shields for anyone looking to prioritize safety in their place of business.

Jack Hunter

I recently purchased this 2-pack of Hanging Adjustable Cashier Shields for my store and I am beyond impressed with the quality. The 0.100" thick acrylic is sturdy and provides the protection my cashiers need. The adjustable design makes it easy to set up in both vertical and horizontal positions, which is a huge plus. The sleek and clear design also gives a professional look to my store. Highly recommend these shields for any business looking to prioritize safety.

Micah Gonzalez

This 2-pack of Hanging Adjustable Cashier Shields exceeded my expectations in terms of quality. The 0.100" thick acrylic material is durable and offers the protection my employees need. The adjustable design allowed me to effortlessly customize the shields for the layout of my store. Well worth the investment for the safety of my staff and customers.

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